i2c Technologies is proud to offer only the best in Axis Surveillance Camera and IP Video Surveillance technology with a full inventory of Axis Communications Network Cameras for any application. Axis IP Surveillance Cameras are world-class in quality, and are available in a wide variety of styles including Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ), Fixed Position, and Thermal. As a long time Axis Communications Gold Partner, any Axis Surveillance Camera can be ordered from i2c Technologies, but this guide has been arranged to briefly go over some of the most popular models offered.

Best Axis Surveillance Camera Models

  • Axis M3007 Network Surveillance Dome Camera
  • Axis P5624-E Mk II Network Camera
  • Axis Q3505-VE Mk II Dome Camera
  • Axis P1427-LE Bullet Camera
  • Axis M3045-V Vandal Resistant Dome Camera
  • Axis Q1941-E Thermal Network Camera

Axis M3007 Network Surveillance Dome Camera

The ultra-discreet and affordable Axis M3007 Network Surveillance Dome Camera is an indoor camera with a 180-degree view perfect for wide-angle applications. This 5 megapixels fixed mini dome camera can capture 180-degree or 360-degree high definition panoramic views of areas up to 7,000 square feet. It installs with ease, and you can control Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) functionality remotely via your mobile device. The Axis M3007 dome camera is ideal for monitoring manufacturing facility aisle ways to ensure the safety and operational efficiency of your day to day processes. It is also well suited for full hallway coverage in schools and college campuses.

Axis P5624-E Mk II PTZ Network Camera

The Axis P5624-E Mk II Network Camera is a Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) camera capable of a continuous 360-degree pan. This PTZ network camera can capture footage at an excellent 720p HD resolution, features an 18x optical zoom lens, and has excellent light sensitivity. When paired with a thermal camera, the Axis P5624-E Mk II is ideal for outdoor coverage, making it perfect for electrical substation security, oil and gas security, and other remote site surveillance applications. The Axis P5624-E Mk II Network Camera is included in i2c Technologie’s VX400 and VP400 Deployable Surveillance Systems.

Axis Q3505-VE Mk II Network Dome Camera

Featuring a low profile and an exceptionally sharp 1080p image quality, The Axis Q3505-VE Mk II Network Dome Camera is a great outdoor camera for low-light situations. This network dome camera comes with Axis Enhanced Light Finder Technology, specially optimized for forensic purposes even in poor lighting conditions or darkness. Axis Zipstream technology reduces bandwidth and storage requirements without losing high-quality resolution. The Axis Q3505-VE Mk II Dome Camera is available with a standard 3-9mm lens, or a telephoto 9-22mm lens option. This axis surveillance camera is durable, designed for harsh outdoor weather and temperatures ranging from -50 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius. In addition, if cost-effectiveness is a high priority, the Axis Q3505-VE is an excellent surveillance camera choice.

Axis P1427-LE Outdoor Bullet Camera

The Axis P1427-LE Bullet Camera has a 5-megapixel resolution and features a built-in illuminator. Its varifocal lens is capable of capturing excellent image quality at 12 frames per second with enhanced field depth and clarity. This high-end IP video surveillance camera is available at a good price point from i2c Technologies. Request a quote for more information about the Axis P1427-LE Bullet Camera, or any Axis Surveillance Camera. As an Axis Communications Gold Partner, i2c Technologies is dedicated to providing world-class support and has a knowledgeable IT staff on hand to answer any questions you might have regarding Axis Video Surveillance Cameras.

Axis M3045-V Vandal Proof Dome Camera

The reasonably priced Axis M3045-V Vandal Resistant Dome Camera is an indoor camera with a durable mini-dome housing. This IP video surveillance camera has a 110-degree field of view and can capture footage at 1080p video quality. Get remote viewing and easy access to live and archived footage with i2c’s own Video Management Software. The Axis M3045-V is a great choice for a compact, discreet, and cost-effective indoor surveillance solution.

Axis Q1941-E Thermal Network Camera

For a thermal network camera, the Axis Q1941-E cannot be topped in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness. This camera was the recipient of a Govies Award by Security Products Magazine in 2016. The Axis Q1941-E provides incredible thermal image contrast and is perfect for outdoor applications for remote site surveillance. This camera is ideal for nearly any outdoor application where low lighting is an issue.

i2c Technologies Offers Only The World’s Best Axis IP Surveillance Cameras

In addition to these Axis Surveillance Cameras, i2c Technologies offers a full inventory of surveillance options to suit nearly any application. If you are unsure which cameras are right for your unique surveillance need, i2c Technologies has a staff of IT experts who can help find a solution right for your site.

i2c Technologies is an Axis Communications Gold Partner

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