Smart City ImageWhenever we turn on the news these days, we hear of murders, violence in our schools, and so much more. And it’s not just a perception. According to the FBI, violent crime fell by an estimated 1% in 2021 compared with the previous year, but murders increased by more than 4%. And it isn’t just murders. Vehicle thefts are on the rise. And rape and aggravated assault are on the rise too.

These staggering statistics and facts beg the question: what tools do our police forces have to protect us and combat this increase in crimes? The answer is a smart city solution.

Smart City Technology Can Assist Law Enforcement As Police Officer Retirements and Resignations Persist

In recent years, tied to the pandemic and civil unrest, police departments all over the U.S. have found it difficult to retain police officers. Chiefs are simply not finding enough people willing and able to fight crime, staff unfilled shifts. Current and would-be officers alike are feeling unappreciated by politicians and residents, especially in the wake of the George Floyd incident and other situations flooding the news.

But these crimes and the shortage of trained officers doesn’t change the need for protection amongst the nation’s cities, both big and small. This is where i2c Technologies comes into play, rising to the surface as a leader in innovative video surveillance and access control systems to raise visibility for law enforcement.

These deployable surveillance cameras designed especially for police help monitor high crime areas and public events in real-time. Cameras can capture high-definition and high-quality video evidence helping officers and authorities gain situational awareness for any crime “caught on film.” Unlike basic surveillance cameras, these advanced cameras can easily identify persons or objects from up to 750’ away, in total darkness, capture and store license plates on vehicles traveling at speeds under 80mph and identify loud noises, such as gun shots and train cameras on the source.

Smart City Technology is Integral to Improving Officer Response

Smart city surveillance systems provide law enforcement with more visibility around town. As criminals become aware of the high tech solutions deployed, crime in the protected area is dramatically reduced.

Now, we understand this might sound a bit big brother. But it is essential to recognize that this technology is designed for use in public spaces. Whatever people do in their own homes and on private property is up to their discretion. Yet when you’re in public, there is an expectation of lawful behavior. And knowing that the city is monitored can help enable better choices among the public.

Axis body camera on police officer

Consider the following tools that smart city technology can provide:

  • Linked camera systems that can monitor activity throughout and across the city
  • Officers can wear Axis body cameras to monitor the occurrences when responding to incidents
  • License plate recognition to help law enforcement quickly locate offenders that might be fleeing from a situation

These are just some of the ways that police departments across the United States are bringing more visibility to their work.

The Benefits of Smart City Technology for Law Enforcement

When police have access to smart city technology, the community benefits in the following ways:

  • Better track suspects and criminals without physically intruding in public spaces
  • Lower crime rates because potential offenders understand that their movements can be easily tracked
  • Collaboration and improved communication of law enforcement across cities and departments without missing a beat

The message? Smart city technology makes our communities safer. And when we’re safer, we all win. Talk to the team at i2c Technologies today to explore surveillance options for your department.