A Flexible Video Management Software

AXIS Camera Station Video Management Software

AXIS Camera Station is a flexible video management software designed with reliability and security in mind, and is perfect for a wide range of businesses and organizations—from small brick and mortar retail stores to city-wide surveillance systems.

AXIS Camera Station features a powerful and intuitive interface giving you a simple way to manage your system. Whether you are on the premises or away taking care of business, you can take control of your system with the Mobile Viewing App so that you can be sure your facilities are running smoothly. AXIS Camera Station works with every AXIS product to give you a complete, flexible, and secure video surveillance solution.

Why Choose AXIS Camera Station?

Searching Video Made Easy 

With Axis Camera Station’s Smart Search 2.0, looking through hours of video footage has never been easier. 

  • Smart Search 2.0 can search for specific vehicles or people by differentiating between color, size, and direction
  • Motion trackers can be placed within the video and used to search areas of interest giving you the ability to quickly find the footage you need

    Easy-to-Use Interface 

    Axis Camera Station was created with simplicity in mind to allow anyone to operate the system. Users can easily export files, monitor camera views, trigger alerts over network speakers, and unlock doors all under one interface. Adding features is a simple process that can be done by our US-based support team at i2c Technologies. Additional features include:

    • New cameras
    • Access controls for doors
    • Network audio speakers
    • Body cameras
    • Video analytics

      Locate Cameras Quickly

      Map View allows you to import an overhead image of your surveillance system into Axis Camera Station so that you can quickly view live footage.

      • Import any image into AXIS Camera Station
      • Simply drag a camera onto the the image and click on it to view live footage
      • Multiple views can be saved for future use

        Smartphone Application

        Axis Camera Station’s Smartphone Application allows you to monitor your surveillance system 24/7.

        • Recordings can be viewed from your phone with an easy-to-use interface
        • Footage can be exported and saved directly to your phone
        • When equipped with access control, AXIS Camera Station Mobile Viewing App will allow you to control doors without having to be at the facility

        Receive Alerts To Your Phone

        Axis Camera Station will send alerts directly to your phone or email anytime an event is triggered.

        • The system will immediately notify you when an event occurs
        • Get alerts sent directly to your phone to inform you about motion detection picked up by your cameras via text or email
        • Your smartphone can then be used to view or download the footage

        Secure Entry 

        This feature is integrated directly into Axis Camera Station to allow users to operate both video and access control. With the ability to control up to 128 doors and 10,000 user credentials on a single server, Axis Camera Station can cover systems of any size, including police stations, jails, and government buildings.

        Customizable Security Solutions To Fit Your Needs

        Video Analytics

        Whether you are a small brick and mortar store, a hospital, or a large manufacturing facility, with AXIS Camera Station you have the option for a wide range of video analytics that can be implemented to cater to your specific needs. From people counting for retailers and restaurants to perimeter defense for secured facilities, Axis Camera Station can be tailored to meet the needs of any business.


        BriefCam is a powerful third-party add-on to Axis Camera Station that greatly improves your ability to search through video by highlighting people or objects of interest.

        • Filter footage for objects or people of interest by gender, age, type of vehicle along with 28 different classes and attributes
        • Facial recognition
        • License plate recognition
        • Search for similarities in appearance, color, size, speed, path, direction, and how long an object of interest was in a location using visual layers to improve the user’s experience

        i2c Technologies is an Axis Communications Solution Gold Partner

        Every AXIS Camera Station system comes with one-year of support and a full setup, so you can be sure that your system will be running like new for years to come.  i2c Technologies offers cost effective service agreements that will provide for unlimited support, equipment replacement and software upgrades. 

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        axis communications logo
        Mark Alberini

        Regional Sales Manager | Axis Communications 

        As an Axis GOLD Partner for the past 8 years and a custom network video solutions provider, i2c continues to bring innovative, end-to-end solutions to the market by combining the best in hardware, software, analytics and execution. It is a pleasure to support i2c as a total solutions integrator that has met and exceeded the strict standards set forth by Axis’ Certified Partner Program.

        toledo police logo
        Jeff Thieman

        Lieutenant | Toledo Police Dept.| Toledo, OH 

        We commissioned i2c to perform some camera installations to replace older out of date equipment that had been installed by another company. We met with the owner of the company and one of the salesmen. During the meeting we discussed various options regarding the installation. The owner of i2c was extremely knowledgeable and came up with an excellent design that we had not originally considered. The installation crew and tech personnel did an excellent job, even working in some poor unexpected weather that popped up. I recommend i2c for any camera needs you may have.

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        Randy Rutherford

        Master Technician | Timken Steel | Canton, OH 

        Excellent company! Fantastic support at all levels! Highly recommended

        County of Summit logo
        John Barrickman

        Deputy | Summit County Jail | Akron, OH 

        The Summit County Sheriff’s Office received Capital Improvement funds in 2019 to install over 250 cameras in the Summit County Jail. i2c Technologies offers state term pricing to simplify the purchasing process. Every employee we dealt with from i2c during the 6 month installation process was extremely professional and highly trained. I would strongly recommend i2c Technologies to any government agency that was looking into upgrading or installing new cameras for their facility or business. The Summit County Sheriff’s office would like to thank i2c Technologies for the continued improvements you are making in the County of Summit.

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