busy street surveillance

Whether they’re for an event such as a festival or a political rally, or for a high-stakes investigation, security cameras are crucial for helping law enforcement pick out suspicious activities and keep everyone safe. For such an important job, you can’t pick any random deployable camera system. Learn what features to look for in a deployable pole camera system for an optimal surveillance experience.

Network Security

This is a feature your average black box camera can’t offer. The best deployable pole camera system will have strong security features to ensure that no unwanted eyes are peering into your video feed. Look for things like wireless security, mobile device security (if the feed will be viewed remotely), and virtual private networks (VPNs). Only those who are able to authenticate their credentials, such as a law enforcement team, should be able to gain access to the law enforcement pole cameras’ network.

Rapid Deployment

Another critical feature a pole camera needs — especially a covert camera — is the ability to be deployed rapidly. If an area needs to be heavily monitored during a short period of time, it should be easy to install and uninstall the cameras as needed.

Audio/Video Recording

On top of having a live feed coming in, the footage being taken should also be recorded. Without a recording of the event, it becomes much harder to analyze the details and identify suspects. All law enforcement pole cameras should have the ability to store footage for later reference.

Remote Connectivity

The beauty of modern video surveillance systems is that they are accessible anytime, anywhere from portable devices. Once the right network camera system is in place, law enforcement officials should be able to connect to deployable pole cameras from authorized laptops, smartphones, or tablets. With this level of connectivity, law enforcement can view the security feed in real time. They will then be able to mobilize efficiently and respond to any suspicious activity.

4G LTE Capability

A 4G LTE cellular data modem that supports multiple cellular providers is an essential feature for any deployable pole camera system because it allows remote access to the cameras. Law enforcement agencies typically have exclusive contracts with a certain cellular provider, so the modem being used should support most domestic cellular networks.

Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Capabilities

The ability to control a PTZ camera and hone in on specific people or areas provides a major advantage for law enforcement officers. PTZ cameras offer a much wider field of view as they move back and forth along their path, providing officers with superb situational awareness.

Rugged Housings

Because pole camera systems are subjected to a variety of harsh environmental conditions, the cameras and equipment should be enclosed in a rugged, sealed housing. Every i2c Technologies deployable pole camera system includes rugged powder-coated steel housings in covert and overt styles.

User-Friendly Video Management System (VMS)

All the above features become almost useless if the VMS isn’t user-friendly. i2c’s video management software is designed for easy installation and use. It operates on familiar Microsoft hardware, making it almost universally accessible. i2c VMS allows users to remotely search through hours of recordings in minutes.

The i2c Technologies deployable pole camera systems (the VX400 and the VP400) offer all of the above capabilities and more, making them the ideal systems for law enforcement agencies. Hundreds of our systems are in use across the country. We will ship them anywhere in the continental U.S. Contact us today to get started.