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Axis Body Cameras

i2c Technologies is excited to add the new Axis Communications body worn cameras to their product offerings for law enforcement, private security, and other first responders. Axis Communications is the industry leader in network video and i2c Technologies has been a pioneer in integrated IP video surveillance solutions for law enforcement and an Axis Communications Solution Gold Partner for over 14 years.

“The addition of Axis body worn cameras to our portfolio of surveillance products is a perfect fit. i2c has a long history of working with law enforcement to provide them the tools they need to protect their communities. Now our law enforcement customers have the ability to integrate the body worn cameras with our other surveillance products like the VX400, the QT400, and city-wide surveillance cameras to provide seamless video evidence. This expands our commitment to law enforcement to provide the most advanced video surveillance solutions on the market,” said Jeff Doak, CEO, i2c Technologies.

The Axis body worn camera solution is designed with an open architecture for maximum flexibility to integrate with existing software systems. This means departments do not have to purchase new video management software (VMS) or evidence management systems (EMS) when they invest in an Axis body worn cameras which protects their budgets from the added expense of new software and additional training.

It features three main hardware components: the camera itself, the camera docking station and the system controller. The camera captures video up to 1080p at 30fps and audio through dual microphones for noise suppression capabilities. The body worn solution includes many of the high-quality features found in Axis cameras such as: Wide dynamic range to guarantee image quality in even the most challenging light conditions, and Zipstream to reduce the demands for storage. Battery power is designed to cover a ‘full shift’, with 12 hours of normal usage and the capability for charging in-car or from a power bank. The cameras also have an internal storage of 64GB, which is enough to cover a full shift in full HD resolution.

The docking station and the system controller are separate units. The docking stations can be placed safely on the premises and the system controller provides a single integration and management point. The system controller sends the footage to the destination of choice for analysis and storage and allows for fast and reliable video offloading (100Mbit per camera). While the cameras store the video when used in the field, the system controller also deletes the files automatically from the cameras, so the device is immediately ready for use again.

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Axis Body Worn Camera with Docking Station

As with every device in the company’s portfolio, Axis has ensured the highest level of security for the solution itself. Ultimately, the footage of body worn cameras might be needed in court, offering unbiased evidence of the incident and actions of all the parties involved. Therefore, all data is encrypted both at rest and in transfer using AES256 and TLS. In addition, video data can be fully end-to-end encrypted with specific integrations.

The mobile app accompanying the solution allows users to review the footage, which is then watermarked and includes a camera and user ID. In addition, the process of transferring the video material off the camera and onto a server is fully automated, which means no human interaction is needed and, therefore, no video section can be taken out of the footage during the process. Moreover, all cameras are registered to one ‘home’ system, which is the only system they are programmed to transfer their material to.

All these safety measurements ensure that it can be proven that not a single frame has been tampered with. It also keeps the solution safe from cyber disruptions.

The Axis body worn solution will be available in Q2 2020.

i2c Technologies, based in North Canton, Ohio, is the state’s premier security technology integrator and an AXIS Communications Solution Gold Partner. i2c Technologies specializes in video surveillance, access control, and deployable surveillance solutions for law enforcement, corrections, and critical infrastructure.