Emergency sign on a hospital building

In hospitals and healthcare facilities, surveillance cameras protect patients and employees from a possible security breach, present critical visual evidence of dishonest claims, increase productivity, and help control unnecessary costs. Networked security cameras improve the security of any hospital or medical facility and will help ensure greater HIPAA compliance. This type of technology allows hospital staff to remotely monitor individuals who are prone to violent outbursts, on suicide watch or in critical states of health. Previously, hospital personnel were required to be present in the room to watch at-risk patients.

To effectively manage emergency situations and prevent unnecessary loss at healthcare centers or pharmacies, choosing an AXIS IP video surveillance system is the right solution for your hospital’s security needs.

Benefits of AXIS IP Camera Technology

With new advancements in technology, digital video monitoring is progressing through a new phase. AXIS IP Cameras are gradually replacing analog surveillance and other fixed systems. Let’s look into why this type of surveillance system has something to offer for every type of healthcare facility.

Safety And Security – AXIS IP cameras placed throughout the premises allow the safe and effective monitoring of unsupervised patients. Cameras and networked solutions also help look out for unauthorized visitors that may enter restricted areas. With the help of proactive IP surveillance and monitoring equipment, incidents such as these can be prevented from escalating into something more serious.

Increase Productivity – The presence of surveillance cameras on the premises can improve communication between hospital departments and healthcare facilities, allowing for heightened productivity. Typically when employees recognize that they are security IP cameras stationed throughout the building, their productivity will increase as they are held to a higher standard of work and efficiency. Surveillance equipment also allows management, HR and other groups to help pinpoint loss efficiency, boost employee morale and find ways to improve working conditions and staff structure.

Prevent Misleading Claims – There may be instances where visitors or patients falsely claim an injury to themselves while on a hospital campus or property. When IP cameras are in place, visual evidence from security cameras can disprove such assertions, while saving the facility the expense from unwarranted insurance claims and possible future legal ramifications.

Digital Storage – Hospitals and healthcare centers that decide to install IP video surveillance systems often reap the benefits of digital storage. IP systems enable each authorized user to easily access and collect recorded footage digitally on hard-drives, network servers or NVRs while offering improved technological capabilities. Working with IT staff and other hospital administration, best practices can be implemented to improve staff morale and help facilitate good communication between hospital management and patients.

Remote Monitoring – Remote monitoring is a beneficial tool in medical facilities. With an AXIS IP system, remote monitoring and surveillance allow employees to view the security camera footage remotely from any computer with network access. Multiple locations can even communicate over the same network with all of the camera views accessible online.

Setup Advice

  • Install AXIS IP security cameras around every entrance and exit to capture the activity of those leaving and entering the premises
  • Survey all hospital hallways to keep watch over the stream of activity within the hospital facility.
  • Place all IP cameras in fire escapes and elevators
  • Utilize surveillance equipment throughout the hospital’s loading areas and parking lots.
  • Position security cameras near entrances and exits to restricted areas to assure only authorized employees are given access.

To prevent unnecessary loss and effectively manage emergency situations at hospitals or healthcare centers, going for an IP video surveillance system is the right solution for your security needs.

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