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Providing security to a communal living space like an apartment building or a multi-family housing complex is essential. Security systems for apartment buildings are designed to protect people and property. They are well worth the investment. Making sure that residents feel safe when they are at home is one of the most effective ways that a landlord or a building manager can retain good tenants and attract new ones.

Truly protecting your apartment building or multi-family housing complex goes beyond just installing cameras. If you really want first-rate, dependable security you should consider installing a comprehensive, IP-based (internet protocol) security system. The best apartment building security systems are designed specifically to meet the unique needs of each facility. They are then installed according to exacting specifications by IT experts.

Having a set of security cameras in place is a good start toward safeguarding an apartment building and its surroundings, but this is only the first of many layered options. Here is a list of some of the features and equipment that apartment building owners and managers can utilize in order to protect their residents, their property, and the facilities themselves.

IP Security Cameras

First, it always pays to start with the basics. Security cameras for apartment buildings are an excellent way to monitor who enters and exits your property. With this type of surveillance, you have a good first line of defense for combating theft, vandalism, trespassing, and loitering. These and other problems can upset current tenants, alienate potential renters, and bring major headaches to property owners and managers.

The best feature of today’s camera systems is that they are all IP-based. Since they are tied into the internet, they record footage without running out of space or memory. There is no tape or disc or other physical components of this type that needs to be replaced or rewound. Building managers and security personnel can monitor and adjust IP security cameras remotely from a designated mobile device.

The latest security cameras have the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom to focus on a person or object of interest—all while being controlled remotely. In addition, specially-designed surveillance cameras can capture wide views of a chosen outdoor area such as a parking lot. These cameras are also able to record the premises even in low light. IP security cameras can either be installed in a prominent, highly visible location to deter trespassers or covertly if the aim is to catch criminals in the act.

IP Door Access Control

Put the days of having to rely on heavy metal keys for apartment building security behind you with IP door access control panels. Residents may lose keys or break them inside of locks. This brings on costly and time-consuming repair work. Or a set of keys can fall into the wrong hands, potentially compromising security for an entire building.

An IP door access control system is much easier to update and maintain than an old lock-and-key setup. You can install a numeric keypad and give residents the ability to enter the property by inputting a code. This leaves them with no physical object to lose. Or you can program IP door access control systems to work using smartphones and other linked devices such as key fobs, key cards, or proximity badges.

IP Video Intercom Systems

Empower your apartment building’s residents to more effectively screen anyone who comes to the door with an IP video intercom system. With the proliferation of online shopping and delivery services for food and other everyday items, unknown people approaching your door is a more common occurrence than ever before.

IP video intercom systems give your tenants a better chance to vet anyone trying to gain access. They empower residents to view visitors and control their access remotely via smartphones and other mobile devices.

IP Gate Control Systems

IP gate control systems protect your property with an extra layer of security. They guard against the unauthorized use of your facility’s parking lot or parking garage. This is an especially valuable feature for apartment buildings located in congested or densely-populated areas or for those situated near public facilities that draw a lot of outside traffic such as stadiums or concert venues.

Gates equipped with IP gate control systems have long-range readers that allow them to open automatically for permitted vehicles while blocking entry to others. There are also keypad and keycard entry systems available for securely barring unwanted traffic.

IP Paging and Audio Systems

You may hope that you never have to deliver a building-wide emergency announcement. But if dire circumstances demand it, you should have the option to make one. In the event of an evacuation, having a mechanism like an IP paging and audio system could save lives.

IP paging and audio systems are great tools in an emergency. But they can also be useful in everyday situations. Security personnel can program your IP audio system to make periodic scheduled announcements. You can also deliver them live. A customized system will enable you to deliver different messages to separate parts of your building or premises without the need to change out any of the hardware components.

In Conclusion

As a landlord or a building manager, you owe it to your tenants and to yourself to protect both lives and property. Get a comprehensive, custom-designed, professionally-installed security system. It will be your best defense against those who intend to do harm.

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The bottom line is that apartment building security systems will protect your investments. And facility managers who oversee properties under the Ohio Public Housing Agency will benefit from the fact that i2c Technologies is an Ohio state term schedule vendor.

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