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Has your workplace considered the benefits of installing a surveillance system? Even in ordinary times, monitoring your employees and your premises brings major advantages. But during a disaster like a pandemic with lockdowns and the disruption of businesses worldwide, the value of a customized surveillance system becomes powerfully evident.

The novel coronavirus known as COVID-19 imposed a sudden and dramatic global upheaval upon nearly every aspect of life. Beyond the toll the virus took on public health was its impact on the economy. Shelter-in-place orders, fears of shortages and supply chain disruptions, and general uncertainty caused disarray in many sectors.

The COVID-19 pandemic had no precedent in the modern era. Consequently, at the outset, no one knew how long the turmoil would last. And, worst of all, there is no way to be certain that something like it won’t happen again.

Thinking about workplace security in the midst of a pandemic may seem obvious. Perhaps COVID-19 showed you the shortcomings in your existing surveillance system and other security structures. Will you be prepared for the next pandemic or other natural disaster?

Read on to learn more about the benefits of a customized workplace surveillance system. And find out what the IT experts as i2c Technologies can do to make your place of business a safer, more secure space.

The Value of a Good Workplace Surveillance System in Normal Times

In previous posts, i2c Technologies has discussed the benefits of installing a surveillance system and other security equipment in workplaces. This is just as true in a hospital setting as it is in a jail or a retail store.

But nearly any workplace is a great candidate for increased monitoring and security. (Be sure to perform a careful review of what you are and are not allowed to monitor with a surveillance system based on your industry.) After all, heightened security through a surveillance system provides:

Protection against theft

Even in normal times, the threat of property theft is very real for any business. And as much as company owners worry about break-ins, thefts perpetrated by employees are hardly rare. You would like to think that you can trust anyone you hire, but sadly there is no guarantee of this.

A surveillance system alerts workers that any nefarious act can be caught on camera. When this doesn’t serve as a sufficient preventative measure, employers have readymade evidence of criminality to share with law enforcement.

Conflict prevention and resolution

Naturally, every workplace is going to endure some level of disagreement from time to time. In most cases, rivals will solve disputes without any major accompanying incidents.

In a small minority of cases, however, adversaries may exchange harsh words or even throw punches. When the dust settles, you, as the employer, will be able to count on your surveillance system to give you the unbiased truth about what happened.

Productivity monitoring

Again, as a boss, you want to operate a company in which you can trust everyone who works there. But just as theft is, sadly, a real problem, so is, for lack of a better term, “slacking.”

You may encounter productivity issues for which a surveillance system is the best solution. It could serve either as a motivator, or, in the worst-case scenario, as a source of evidence to justify a reprimand or even a termination.

On the other hand, a surveillance system can also strengthen an employee’s case that he or she is industrious and essential to operations. It’s always good to catch people doing things well!

The Surveillance System as an Indispensable Tool in Uncertain Times

Unfortunately, it’s often in times of great distress that we discover major shortcomings in our operations, systems, or security.

Among the essential lessons all business owners should draw from the COVID-19 pandemic is just how swift and unexpected major negative impacts on “business as usual” might be.

At i2c Technologies, we want your business to weather the storm of any crisis. Not only that—we want to be ready to help you prepare for the next one.

Consider the value of a surveillance system in the midst of a pandemic and what it can do to monitor and record numerous potential transgressions harmful to business and society at large:

Your business and shelter-in-place orders

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many governmental authorities chose to enforce drastic but necessary actions to “flatten the curve” of new infections. Such measures in Ohio included the closing of all businesses deemed non-essential by order of the governor’s office.

This was vital from a public health standpoint. Unfortunately, it had the unwanted byproduct of leaving many businesses closed and unstaffed.

Law enforcement will concentrate on virus-related issues in the short term. As a result, a surveillance system becomes the best defense that many businesses could maintain against criminal opportunists looking to take advantage of a health crisis.

Shortages and supply chain disruptions

Looking back on the COVID-19 era, many Americans will no doubt remember the shortages of everyday items including bread, hand sanitizer, and, perhaps most notably, toilet paper.

In a world where desperate people are willing to pay outrageously high prices for some necessities, opportunists are always at the ready to gouge consumers on the black market. At times like this, retailers will need a way to monitor and track their inventory more closely than ever.

Combat callous crimes like this with a customized surveillance system installed by IT experts like the professionals at i2c Technologies.

The need for proper hygiene and sanitation

It’s always essential to practice proper personal hygiene and sanitation measures. Businesses built around serving food and providing medical services to members of the public need to be most conscious of this.

But any business that welcomes consumers to a store, a showroom, or any other open gathering place needs to maintain a level of cleanliness there for the common good. Although this was always true, the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted just how vital adhering to this principle is.

When proper handwashing could literally save lives, you, as a business owner need to instill its value in your employees. With this in mind, a surveillance system is a great way to monitor and capture violations of health and sanitation directives that could cost your business dearly—or worse.

In Conclusion

Sadly, sometimes it takes a disaster, a pandemic, or some other major disruption to inform businesses about certain security measures they ought to have been taking all along. Contact the professionals at i2c Technologies to learn more about getting a customized surveillance system installed at your place of business.

Many catastrophes are simply not preventable. But with proper planning, equipment, and expertise, you can better weather any storm.